Container Repair

Sea Breeze's container repair business provides services for steel, aluminium, open top containers, Flat racks , Refrigerated containers and Tank Containers transiting all over the world terminals combining competitive rates with rapid turn-around time.

Services offered at all sites include Inspection, water washing, and container refurbishment, CSC inspections, and Repairs. All inspections are carried out by IICL5/ IICL6 qualified inspectors and repairs are to IICL5/ IICL6 standards.

Materials used are as per the Industries specifications and an extensive stock of spare parts carried at all depots. Reefer structural repairs can also be carried out including foaming of insulated panels and all major reefer structural parts are kept in stock.

In addition pre-trip inspections and pre-cooling of reefers is offered as a service. The business holds the agencies for various manufacturers and is authorized to carry out warranty work for the agencies and maintains a large stock of spare parts. All our reefer technicians have completed extensive training from the various agencies.

There is computer controlled tracking system which monitors the position and status of each unit whilst in the depot and between depots and terminals, plus a daily reporting system for reefer monitoring. Reports and estimates are computer generated and can be sent automatically at short notice by the following systems: Fax, E-mail, CEDEX, CODECO, WESTIM, DESTIM. We are also able to organize other EDI-connections if required.

Another successful aspect of the business is minor ship repair work, such as Hull / PipeLine damage, hatch lid repairs, and other minor structural repairs, which can be carried out within the ship's call timeframe at terminals without disruption to the cargo operations. A 24 hour service is offered for ship repair.

We specialize in major repairs and also provide a comprehensive range of services which include facilities for:

  • Welding repairs to the tank frame
  • Repair and rebuilding of tank valves and fittings
  • Insulation and cladding repairs
  • Blasting and painting
  • Complete refurbishing services

Ship Building

Managing risk and paying attention to the details has always been key factors to successful shipbuilding companies. Shipbuilding projects distributed over multiple sites pose particular challenges to maintaining project management control.

With Sea Breeze you achieve control and flexibility throughout the project, including "what-if" analysis and needed flexibility in both reporting and control periodicity, resource forecasting, an open systems approach for easy integration with ERP, financial management and CAD/CAM programs, a collaborative environment that satisfies client expectations, and real-time visibility and control of both cost and schedule risk drivers.

Sea Breeze's industry-proven applications are specifically designed to meet the challenges of detail-oriented shipbuilding projects. With application toolsets our shipbuilding clients have the power to integrate details from their marine design, production and collaboration systems within their project plan in order to establish a true enterprise project management environment.

With Sea Breeze, our clients have the flexibility of constructing schedule networks using traditional CPM methods or schedule paths using critical chain methodology focused on resource constraints. As the shipbuilding effort advances through the project phases Sea Breeze software's robust reporting capabilities allows your firm to focus on those specific areas that require the attention to ensure that you deliver your products on time and under budget. Plus with Sea Breeze's robust reporting, graphing and charting capability every aspect of project management is easily illustrated to help you pinpoint those areas requiring your expertise.

Ship Repairs

In Order to support our large flotilla of offshore assets the company has utilized the available pool of technical knowledge and expertise to start a ship repair facility that will cater to the needs of the offshore industry.

Sea Breeze is a leading company in this sector and is providing these services since many years. Since its beginning, the dedication of our employees has given us the worldwide reputation for prompt, efficient, quality service. It has developed a large satisfied client base and has a large product range supported by it's vast experience and internal R & D.

Twenty-four hour, seven-days-a-week shifts insure minimum down time for vessels under repair. Our customers, many of whom have used the services of Sea Breeze for years, gain the advantage of having shipyard workers sometimes more knowledgeable with vessels than their own crews. From a small voyage repair, to conversions, to scheduled major repairs, the work is performed efficiently and at competitive, cost-effective prices.

Our Services pertaining to Ship Repair include:

  • Floating/Dry Dock and in-situ emergency repairs
  • Underwater repairs and maintenance.
  • Hull painting, plating, piping and structural repairs and replacement

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